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What You CAN'T Recycle

What You CAN'T Recycle: Welcome

What Can't Go In

Placing the wrong items in your yellow-lidded recycling bin, can result in contamination issues and may cause an entire load of materials to end up going to landfill. Furthermore, it will reduce the value and quality of collected material.

The items listed below CANNOT be placed in your yellow-lidded recycling bin 

❌ Aerosol cans (when not fully emptied, these can explode during the sorting process)

❌ Batteries 

❌ Bread tags

❌ Cling wrap 

❌ Clothing, footwear & toys

❌ Coat hangers

❌ Ceramics mugs, plates, cutlery

❌ Crockery (Broken) 

❌ Drinking glass, window glass, bakeware (E.g. Pyrex)

❌ DVD & CD cases

❌ Electronic items with a plug, battery or power cord

❌ Foam packaging 

❌ Food scraps

❌ Garden waste 

❌ Glass bottles & jars (these can still be recycled in your purple-lidded glass bin)

❌ Light globes

❌ Magazine wrapping

❌ Metal pots & pans 

❌ Milk & juice cartons (including UHT/Tetra Paks)

❌ Mobile phones 

❌ Nappies and wet wipes

❌ Paper and cardboard (Coated and Waxed) 

❌ Paper towel and tissue

❌ Pet waste

❌ Plastic lids of any kind (including trigger, pump lids and sprays)

❌ Plastic bags (full of recyclables)

❌ Plastic items with codes labelled 3, 4, 6 & 7

❌ Polystyrene trays & containers 

❌ Printer cartridges 

❌ Squeeze bottles

❌ Takeaway coffee cups, lids & straws

❌ Toothpaste tubes & toothbrushes

❌ Wooden & timber items

What You CAN'T Recycle: Recycling Resources
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