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What You CAN Recycle

What You CAN Recycle: Welcome

What Can Go In 

Your yellow-lidded recycling bin is most commonly used for everyday household packaging items that can be found in your bathroom, kitchen or laundry.  Placing the wrong items in your yellow-lidded recycling bin, can result in contamination issues and may even cause an entire load of materials to end up going to landfill. Furthermore, non-acceptable items will reduce the value and quality of other recyclable materials collected.

By having a better understanding of what to recycle, we can:

♻️ Reduce recycle items going to landfill

♻️ Reduce contamination levels and associated charges 

♻️ Reduce costs to rate payers and local councils

♻️ Help our environment by using recyclable materials as a waste resource instead of sending it to landfill 

The items listed below CAN be placed in your yellow-lidded recycling bin 

Paper and Cardboard 

✅ Advertising material, catalogues & junk mail

✅ Binder dividers & Index cards

✅ Books, notepads & writing paper 

✅ Butcher paper, uncoated deli paper, fish and chip paper

✅ Cane paper

✅ Cardboard boxes (flattened, unwaxed, clean & dry) 

✅ Cereal boxes

✅ Egg cartons

✅ Envelopes (white & manilla) 

✅ Envelopes (with or without plastic windows)

✅ Glossy brochures & flyers

✅ Greeting cards 

✅ Newspapers & magazines 

✅ Office, Computer & Photocopy Paper 

✅ Paper bags

✅ Paper towel roll inserts (empty)

✅ Phonebooks

✅ Pizza boxes (food scraped out) 

✅ Shredded paper (if enclosed in an unwaxed cardboard/shoe box or paperbag)

✅ Tissue boxes

✅ Toilet paper roll inserts (empty)

✅ Wrapping paper & gift wrap (no sticky tape)

Plastics (Bottles and Containers)

✅ Butter & margarine containers (labelled code 5 only)

✅ Cordial, water & soft drink bottles (labelled codes 1 & 2 only)

✅ Cream bottles

✅ Dip containers (labelled code 5 only)

✅ Ice-cream containers & Yoghurt (labelled code 5 only)

✅ Laundry detergent & cleaning bottles (labelled codes 1 & 2)

✅ Meat trays (labelled code 5 only)

✅ Milk bottles (labelled code 2 only)

✅ Shampoo bottles (labelled codes 1 & 2 only)

✅ Strawberry & berry punnets

✅ Takeaway containers (labelled code 5 only)


✅ Aerosol cans (must be empty)

✅ Food-grade steel cans & tins

✅ Fruit tins (empty & clean)

✅ Metal lids from bottles and jars 

✅ Pet food tins (empty & clean)

✅ Vegetable cans (empty & clean)


✅ Aluminium cans & tins 

✅ Aluminium foil (scrunch into a ball)

✅ Aluminium kitchen foil trays

✅ Soft drink cans

What You CAN Recycle: Recycling Resources
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