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Glass Recycling

We’re separating glass to make our community recycling efforts better. 

By simply separating glass from your other recyclables, you are contributing to improving the quality of what is collected.

We are then better able to use what you throw away. 

New glass products can be made such as jars and bottles, what is left over can also be used to re-surface and fix roads and footpaths.

Why Separate Glass? 

It is important to separate glass out from your other recyclables to improve the quality and value of recyclable materials. 

When placed in the same bin, during the collection process, glass often breaks into small pieces. Glass fragments can stick to other materials and become hard to separate. When mixed in with plastics and paper, it causes contamination issues and makes it harder to recycle them.

You can prevent this by happening by placing your glass jars and bottles in your purple-lidded recycling bin. This will contribute towards more glass being recycled at its highest value and less material being sent to landfill.

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