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Closing the Loop

Closing the Loop: FAQ

Closing the Loop

Paper, cardboard, newspapers and magazines can be turned back into egg cartons. Due to the quality end product being not contaminated, APR Kerbside provides local manufacturers with peace of mind that no glass will end up in their product.

Once sorted, Steel and Aluminium cans and tins are baled are sent to local metal recyclers to be crushed and then through the smelting process to be utilised into new products again.

Each category of plastic is processed differently and has its own specific end market. It is important to be aware that the numbers and symbols found on the bottom of plastic items are not actually recycling symbols. They are plastic identification codes that help to identify and tell us what type of plastic it is.

  • Plastic code 1 (PET) bottles such as soft drink and water bottles are re-made into PET resin and new bottles.

  • Plastic code 2 (HDPE) such as milk bottles are remade into HDPE pallets, plastic bollards, piping, pallets, fence or barrier railing and decking boards. 

  • Plastic code 2 (HDPE) such as laundry and detergent bottles are remade into HDPE pallets and new bottles.

  • Plastic code 5 (PP) containers such as ice-cream, vitamins, yoghurt and margarine containers are washed, flaked are then remade into new food grade containers and casing around electric cabling.

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